Q: How long do I have to lodge a claim?

Our policy/certificate conditions state that "You must advise Us of any claim or occurrence which may give rise to a claim as soon as possible and within 30 days of the return date shown on Your Certificate of Insurance/Takaful by sending a completed claim form."

If you are about to submit a claim and have exceeded the 30 days time, frame please include a covering letter with your claim form explaining why you were unable to submit your claim within this period.

If you are still within the 30 days time frame but believe you may exceed it please contact our claims department at 1800 88 8777 in order to alert them to the fact. If you believe you may exceed the time frame because you are awaiting documentation relevant to your claim please note you are welcome to submit your claim form in the meantime.

Q: Is there any more information about what will be covered? What about when a large event happens overseas?
For many large scale events that occur around in the world, we will prepare specific advice which is available on our website. This advice will give you an understanding of the event and exactly what we are covering in relation to it. If we do not have an advice on the specific event you want to know about, please contact us at 1800 888 777.
Q: What do I do if the section of the policy I want to claim under isn’t on the claim form?
If you are submitting your claim via the Online Claims system, please select the “Other” option when you are prompted for the section of the policy/certificate you would like to claim for. If you are completing a paper claim, please include a written statement explaining how your claim occurred as well as the costs you wish to claim for.
Q: I have all my claims documentation and would like to submit it - do I have to mail the documents in?

You have the option of scanning your documents and submitting your claim through our Online Claims system Link or posting or emailing your documents.

You may alternatively email to claim_processing@covermore.com.my.

While we do not require the originals of your documents, we may require them at a later date for auditing purposes so we ask that you keep the originals available if we request them.
Q: Where can I obtain the claim form?
You can click here to download the claim form.
Q: Why does it take so long, I thought my claim would be settled in 20 days?

We aim to respond to all claims within 20 working days, but if we need to request more information from either you or a third party (such as your doctor or travel agent) in order to make a decision on your claim then your claim could be delayed. In these cases, we will respond within 20 working days from the date we receive each document that is sent to us.

In order to reduce any delays, please send in all the documentation mentioned on the claim form for your type of claim. If you cannot provide something, please explain this clearly on your claim form or contact us at 1800 888 777 so we can let you know if there is something else you could send instead.

Q: How long should I wait before calling to enquire about the status of my claim?
We will assess your claim within 20 working days of receiving any piece of information, so we may not be able to give you an update until this time.
Q: What do I do if my Luggage is delayed by the airlines/transport provider?

If a Transport Provider overseas delays your entire checked luggage for more than 24 hours, there is a provision to claim for the purchase of essential items of clothing and toiletries. The type of policy/certificate you have will determine the limit that you can claim under this provision, so please make sure you have read and understood the policy/certificate wording of your policy/certificate.

You will need to purchase the emergency essential items yourself and keep the receipts as well as a letter from the transport provide which shows when your luggage was supposed to arrive at its destination and when it was actually delivered to you.

Q: Why is my claim being investigated?

Sometimes the size of a claim or the difficulties in gathering information can mean that we might use an investigator who can gather information more quickly and accurately. This will speed up the processing time of your claim and make sure that we have considered all factors before making a decision.

Q: If my claim is denied, what are my options for appeal?

There are several options for appeal. The first step is to contact us and request a review of your claim. If you are not satisfied with our response you can escalate this all the way to the Financial Ombudsman Scheme (FOS) and BNM's Customer Service Bureau (CSB). For more information on this process and your options you can visit our guide to lodging a complaint page in your product disclosure statement.


Q: What is the difference between a Takaful and a non-Takaful product?

Takaful (Arabic: التكافل‎‎, sometimes translated as "solidarity" or mutual guarantee) is a co-operative system of reimbursement or repayment in case of loss, organized as an Islamic or sharia compliant alternative to conventional Insurance/Takaful, which Takaful proponents believe contains forbidden riba (usury) and gharar (excessive uncertainty).

Q: I am a Non-Muslim, can I purchase a Takaful product?

Absolutely! The choice is yours. Takaful product is offered to all Muslim or non-Muslim customers.

Q: Is there any price difference between a Takaful and a Non-Takaful product?

Prices are the same for both Takaful and Non-Takaful Product.

Q: Is there any difference between the product benefits offered between a Takaful and a Non-Takaful product?

Both carries the same benefits except that the Takaful product carries 2 extra benefits (1) Badal Hajj and (2) Ihsarr Benefits which is relevant to the Muslim pilgrimage.



Q: Can I cancel my MH Insure policy/certificate and get refund?

No refund of premium is allowed once the policy/certificate has been incepted.

Q: Can I amend my travel dates on the policy/certificate?

Travel date amendment must be done 24 hours before the travel start date.

Q: Can I purchase Travel Insurance/Takaful for one way ticket?

Yes, but coverage terminates on the same date or upon arrival at final destination.

Q: Can I purchase the travel Insurance/Takaful after I depart and still be covered?

No. You must purchase the policy/certificate prior to your scheduled departure.